A Momentous Occasion!

Friday, 2nd June and I can feel my hay-fever starting to rear its ugly head. To be fair, it has been well behaved so far this year. I had a small sneezing fit on the train, en route to Vauxhall, but was saved by the single tissue in my back pocket. I got a few sympathetic looks from bystanders, which was quite warming, as we all know London commuters are not exactly the sympathetic type, right?

(I’ve got to give a quick shout out to Liz Finlayson from Vervate. A truly professional and awesome photographer. . We met in reception and quickly bonded, just before being taken into the palace. Thank you for all the wisdom that you shared.) 

We move on. This week marked an interesting milestone in my very early photography career. I was invited to Buckingham Palace. No, I wasn’t receiving any awards, this time. I was photographing a very special event for an important client, London Youth. They were celebrating their 130 years of their establishment, and 70 years of HRH Prince Philip being their Patron. It was certainly a grand and momentous occasion!

Now, a few weeks ago, after coming back from Vienna, I watched Netflix series ‘The Crown.’ Throughout the series, I kept questioning whether the Palace actually looked as the show depicted. It did, and more! From entering, I was in awe. The best part, for me, was the garden. Away from the size of the place, it was just pristine and so green. Maybe I was just too excited? Doesn’t matter, it was brilliant.

And yes, I have met Prince Philip.

HRH Prince Philip, #LondonYouth130, London, UK

HRH Prince Philip, #LondonYouth130, London, UK

HRH Prince Philip, #LondonYouth130, London, UK

The event itself was a success. London Youth brought together many of their supporters, youth workers who do wonderful work, and some brilliant young leaders who London Youth work with. The garden showcased the variety of activities and programmes that London Youth are proud to have available within to their members.  In addition, the event was a great opportunity for young people to share what makes their youth club so important to them including creative performances, sports demonstrations and showcasing the impact of their youth action projects in their club and local community.

The sun decided to stay, to which I was very grateful for. Photographing in natural light is my favourite type of shoot. There is nothing better than not having to use a flash, and using the glorious sun. The only difficulty and you get better at this with taking more photos, is the squinting eye. It happens, and this is where you ability to move is tested, as well as your patience. When the subject of your shot is squinting, you wait a little longer, then snap. Additionally, with movement, having the sun as the light allows you to get different angles with the knowledge that your subject is still in the light. Below are a few shots of the day.

Thank you to Shiv & Holly from London Youth for the opportunity, it was my pleasure to support you on the day!

#LondonYouth130, London, UK

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