Event: Tick The Bucket

On a random Saturday, I was about to go to enjoy an evening of bouldering. Before doing so, I decided to have fun in a ball-pit. Upon entering, I met Oska, the ball-pit warden. We got chatting about the ball-pit, life and other things, little did I know that I was talking to one of the founders of Tick The Bucket. His enthusiasm for the company, and energy in general, inspired my interested in the company. It is interesting how things can transpire from one seemingly meaningless, yet brilliant conversation. 

Couple weeks later, I’m downstairs at the Canvas Cafe, photographing an awesome event for TTB. Tick The Bucket seeks to create “a community of people brought together to turn Bucket List into a reality.” The events are about honest and inspirational talks from speakers who are actively doing things that others put on their lists. Additionally, the talks are great spaces for like-minded people to engage with each other and look at how they can support each other to tick something off their bucket list! 

ALERT! Tick The Bucket will be launching their full website this Thursday, so keep an eye out!!

Below is the visual story of the event.

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