I came to London as an asylum seeker when I was a child, and I can't remember much of my childhood. One of my earliest memory is how different I felt in this country. Fast forward, I was 15 the next time I was on a plane again. Since then, I can always recall the excitement I felt of knowing I was travelling. I still have the same feeling now, and I don't want that sensation to ever dull.

I went into this trip with an open mind; open to #travellingwhileblack, open to new foods and open to everything. Above all, I took away with me one simple and straightforward learning (or re-learning). I am incredibly privileged to be a photographer & to live where I do. This isn't something new, I've always appreciated my position, but my recent travel left me with a heavy feeling of gratitude.

People wake up early and work where they can, even from their own homes; as living standards are low. Many were resigned to their current living situations and worked hard to make the best from they had. Yet, many walked and lived with a smile on their face. The photos submitted work to depict everyday life in Chiang Mai & Saigon/ Ho Chi Minh City. No performing or retouching, just real people, in real situations.

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