If I'm honest, it's been an interesting month. The first week was the hardest, especially seeing all conversations, jobs and projects being cancelled or postponed. I was in a pretty negative space with everything, as well as being confused about what to do next. I continued to try and see the bright side and take each day as it came. The second got a little better, and last week felt as healthy/normal as it possibly can. One of the reasons for this was the fact that I felt the appetite to photograph again. Inspired by this new energy, I wanted to use the time to connect with my family and personally show them what I've been doing for the last four years. At Home, With family is a simple, short portrait project documenting my family.

These are portraits of my family, using my old backdrop set up to create the "studio feel". Taking these photos was quite fascinating, mainly because as I haven't spent this much time to photograph them before. For your viewing pleasure, here are Samuel, Christine, my mother and her partner, Bernardo. As difficult it can sometimes be with them, being around my family has helped a lot - I can not imagine how things would be without them.


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