Furō was inspired by colourful bold fashion imagery & the charm of movement. This series is in collaboration with stylist Ania Egan. I hadn't done anything remotely close to this, so a big thank you to all involved. The desired result was a collection of images that are colourful, warm and maybe a little feel refreshing.

Over the last few years, I’ve come to really appreciate the process of refinement. Here, I see refinement as an active practice, predominately within my work, but also in personal life. (It’s basically self-improvement yes, this is just me chatting shit).

There's a nice hint of stoicism, in that it's about self-examination with the work we create and what we can do to improve with the things we have control over. To me, refinement is about awareness of where you are now as an artist/creative and making committing to yourself to refine your abilities.

A facet of this process encourages stepping into spaces and/or situations that are somewhat daunting or uncomfortable with a smile. It's about remembering the delight we had as kids when we did something new or scary. That nervous feeling quickly turned into pleasure and comfort because we realised that we could do that thing. This is what refinement ultimately is for me, a joyous grind.

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